First day of the EXPO is soon finished. We are happy with the interest from all the visitors.

Photo from the EXPO stand


Our page in the EXPO catalogue

EXPO catalogue picture of group B19E15


Grid Synchronization

The upper graph shows the generated three-phase sine waves from the DC-AC converter. As seen, it is synchronized with the three-phase sine of the power grid in the graph below it.

Three-phase voltage from DC-AC converter synchronized with the grid side voltage


More Simulations

We are doing a lot of simulation. The graph shows the Perturb & Observe vs. Incremental Conduction MPPT Algorithm & Observe versus Incremental Conduction MPPT algorithm.






We have been constructing circuits in MATLAB Simulink and testing different Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) methods. Pictures below show the circuit of a PV-array with different MPPT control strategy and the readout from the simulation.

Simulation graph of the MPPT P&O technique

Perturb & Observe simulation plot


Photovoltaic lab

The picture is from the PV setup in the renewable energy laboratory. This exercise shows how a photovoltaic system can be used to maintain the voltage in the grid during variable loads.

Photovoltaic lab


Wind turbine lab

We have performed some exercises in the renewable energy laboratory to get familiar how different energy systems perform in the power grid. This picture shows the DFIG setup. It is a doubly-fed induction generator. This is one of the most used generators in todays wind turbines.

Doubly-fed induction generator lab



After a lot of back and forth it looks like we finally decided what we will focus on in the bachelor thesis. Stay tuned!



Blog up and running

First blog post. The bachelor project is in it’s starting phase and the website is taking form.