MA project field trip to Håøya 24-27 May 2018 with Ane Engvik who works as a researcher at the geological survey of Norway

‘to see a landscape as it is’

‘when I am not there’

Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace⎟ Roni Horn thicket no.1



Augen gneiss, Håøya


A culmination of different timescales unearthed inside an island & surrounding industrial area. My MA project collects together rocks & materials including gneiss’s formed in the oldest period of geological time over 1400 million years ago & recent remnants from former industry.

The work links spatially to memory & remembering through the materiality of the island in recognition of the women enslaved on Håøya’s dynamite factories between 1918-1920. As research presented by Kjartan Fønstelien, most of the factory buildings that were designed by Edward Nobel have been knocked down, erasing events that had previously taken place to be forgotten.


Old dynamite factory buildings at Tåjebukta, Håøya



Cheemring Nobel, Sætre


Photograph captured off the coastline of a mainland industrial area built into the hillside at Sætre, west of the island. The building is part of Chemring Nobel, a British owned company producing & selling explosives for weaponry. I was interested in parallels between this active site & Håøya’s past industry & included granite samples from the shoreline in front of the factory. The younger granite rock that makes up this part of the mainland differs in age to the gneiss that forms Håøya by more than 1000 million years.


Ane excavating a piece of quartz found in veins cutting the gneiss & made up of white mineral crystals. Ane works with bedrock mapping; specialising in rocks & minerals, she uses their geological relations to learn more about how the earth’s crust has developed.


Lava plateaus, Oslofjord


Tremendous forces during the Permian age [359-251 million years ago] created movements of crust along fault planes forming the steep topography on Håøya. During this period volcanic & magmatic activity took place & the resulting lava plateaus can be seen today in the formations of the flat hills surrounding Oslo.



Found materials collected & carried in our rucksacks over a number of walks across the island. Back at the cabin we arranged each one in order of time & according to the period in which different geological processes took place in the area. Håøya is special because it is uniquely formed by ‘augen’ gneiss containing a light pink coloured mineral feldspar that form ‘eyes’; these intricate layers reflect a joint movement of tiny fragments & landscape. I will be working with the borrowed samples during summer before returning them to the island.
The final work opens on Håøya in autumn 2018 in partnership with KORO public art Norway & as part of the wider project“Our cruel cultural heritage” – deconstruction of national mythologies using scenographic methods”.



The Laboratory – Staging politics (Barcelona)


With THE LABORATORY, we are provoking the question of staging politics; how art making can be a tool to provoke questions which are not asked yet and rethink the answers we might have.

We are interested to be part of and engage with the local community of Balaguer as a reflection on the antagonism between art institutions and the so-called resistance art, therefore we are collaborating with the city and many local assemblies to bring our 5 days laboratory to life without interfering with any artistic approach from the institutions.

We will open the space every day for the local community to be part of the project and engage in the process in any form they choose; the laboratory will be a flexible space where we will generate discussions/ performances/actions reflecting on local issues and beyond.

The closing presentation scheduled on 7th September will be a fusion of the material have been created during the period, in the form that will emerge during the process.

This project is a collaboration between Norwegian Theatre academy and Balaguer city  – initiated by scenography Master student Liam Monzer Alzafari and scenographer Maria Monseny Triquell  – in collaboration with artists from different disciplines.

Scenographers : Shafa Gostar, Maria Elionore Wang Kvalheim, Andrea Madsen Lindeneg

Performers : Mari Pitkänen and Dídac Gilabert (Circus artist)

Choreographer : Teresa Santos

Designer : Arnau Torrente

Photographer : Aida Lesan




Lend Me Your Ear – Soundwalk at Tøyen

A project by Anne Cecilie Lie
Saturday 16th June, from 10.00 to 16.00
(can be lent anytime after the opening)

Welcome to the opening of “Lend Me Your Ear” – a Soundwalk at Tøyen by Anne Cecilie Lie through a collaboration with and presented at Deichman Tøyen.

Lie has made a sound walk based on different residents in Tøyen, human neighbours layered with animals and plants that live, have lived and might live in the future at Tøyen and the sounds of these.
The walk is an opportunity to listen more closely to the ones that live around us in the city and which we share our lives and spaces with. Here we can lend an ear to those who we may not always hear, but who are still intertwined in and encounter as we walk around the city.

Key questions are: who lives at Tøyen? But also: who has lived here and will live here in the future? This applies not only to humans, but also to plants and animals that share spaces with each other. There are edibles, weeds, old trees, pigeons, hawks, wild boar, elephants, humans, cats, rats, coriander and figs, and much else that lives in the city skape, although it is not always easy. But the necessity of living together and that we need each other in all our diversity, exists for all. There is also enough spaces for thriving together.
Many people come to Tøyen and may not know those who already live here. With the walk we can listen to some of those who make this space so vibrant and reflect upon how many we cross roads with, and that everyone has their very own special and exciting story.

Together with the sound, there is an unique book that compliments the walk with a map and pictures that you can borrow from the library and bring along when you go on the small journey.

The walk is based on interviews with residents of Tøyen, plant researcher and biologist Anders Often from NINA (Norwegian Institute of Natural Research), biologist Hanna Bjørgaas from Sabima (Umbrella organization for biology associations in Norway) and zoologist and associate professor Petter Bøckman from the Museum of Natural History in Oslo.

Do you want to borrow the walk/walk the walk?

The walk will be an integral part of Deichman library at Tøyen, and you can borrow a soundplayer and headphones at any time and go for a round.
You can also download the walk from soundcloud on to your own smartphone or audio player and walk it whenever you want. The downloadable link will be posted on the opening date of the walk, and you can choose how to implement it. The library also lends out only headsets if you need that for your own player.

Anne Cecilie Lie is a graduated visual artist from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim, and is currently taking a master in scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. She works mainly with performance, installation, sound, text and sculpture.


Material Strategies

We have the pleasure to announce that NTA has received funding for one year research project “Material Strategies”*** from the programme for artistic research (PKU).
This is a one year project that will be organised around 2 days planning and introductory meeting in August 2018 (in Oslo), 2 days seminar in January/ February 2019 (in Oslo), two weeks practical workshop in April/ May 2019 (in Fredrikstad) with a presentation of material in Oslo.
The project is led by Prof. CAMILLA EEG TVERBAKK together with producer and manager PATRICIA CANELLIS. Camilla will provide much of the theoretical research platform in her function as dramaturg between the two parts (voice/ vocal traditions as material, and object/body relations and connections). She will also work on developing a discourse around the connection between these parts.
The NTA teachers/professors that are participating to the project are : SIRI LANGDALEN, ELECTA BEHRENS, ØYSTEIN ELLE and Research fellow INGVILD HOLM.
We also have the pleasure to have an international partner in the project, Luis Sotelo from Concordia University in Canada, who are leading a research project on oral history:
At NTA, we are very curious to learn more about Luis work and how he can contribute and benefit from our project. Additionally, we also intend to invite 3 international guests for the seminar and 2 international artists for the workshop in addition to Luis Sotelo. (to be announced).
Keep yourself updated by visiting our pages regularly. More will be published soon.
***About the project :
NTA would like to investigate into ways of practicing materiality in relation to artistic processes of creation. Artists are always dealing with materials, but most often taking them for granted as means to be shaped into artistic visions and expressions formed by human imagination. With reference to new materialism’s ethical call to relate to material in ways that demand another kind of listening, this research project will investigate the consequences for performance practice.
(extract from the abstract)

Workshop by Jan Fabre Teaching group

workshop by Jan Fabre Teaching Group – teacher Marina Kaptijn


Student exhibition


An Art Center at Alby Gård – A workshop on urban and landscape scenography

In collaboration with Punkt Ø in Moss and the 2nd year BA students in scenography:

Sofia Findahl, Victoria Høvring Høeg, Andrea Madsen Lindeneg, José Cecilio Orozco Martínez, Martha Oelschläger, Miriam Myrthel Pedersen, Naja Schønemann, Shiva Sherveh

Tutored by Andreas Thiele, Architect, Berlin and Serge von Arx, Professor and Artistic Director Scenography NTA/HIØ – Guest critic Klaus Schuwerk, Architect Berlin and Naples (architect of the New National Gallery in Oslo)

The aim of this two weeks workshop with scenography students of the Norwegian Theatre Academy was to imagine future scenarios for a further expansion of Gallery F15 into an international art center. The new Alby Gård should allow for various art forms to be presented and to be developed, also focusing on yet unknown, innovative and interdisciplinary art practices stretching from the visual arts into performing arts and music. The students from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Mexico and Iran started from their diverse backgrounds in and approaches to the arts and reflected possible emergencies in the arts which can have roots in Jeløya. In respect to the Academy’s expanded understanding of scenography the fictive projects were weaving together or amalgamating the three areas: Urban planning – landscape planning – scenography.

The workshop took place at Gallery F15 from January 15th to 26th, 2018. The students travelled every day from Fredrikstad to Jeløya to be in proximity with the researched site and to allow an immersive inquiry of the historically, socially and culturally complex context. Upon an introduction to the place’s identity by Dag Sveinar, the students explored the architecture and the natural surrounding with their different characteristics. Since the students do not have a background as architects, the workshop was tutored by Andreas Thiele and Serge von Arx, both architects. Mr. Thiele has his own architecture studio in Berlin and works internationally with a distinct focus on materiality when meeting architectural demands. He has been in charge for the realization on the Bode Museum in Berlin and has an expertise in museum spaces. Aside of running the scenography program at Norwegian Theatre Academy, Serge von Arx is researching and developing projects in the area of scenography as performative architecture, or the merger of theatre and architecture, which can take shape on theatre stages, in the form of exhibitions and architectural structures in the public space. The students were scenographically exploring architecture, while freely blending the two fields into each other.

The detachment from commercial constraints facilitated independent analysis of the given context towards open projects. Still the 8 suggestions achieved a remarkable depth in solving the architectural tasks. This may be due to the students open performative gaze paired with their physical engagement with Alby Gård day by day. The projects reverberate structures which are built for people, the visitors, the artists and the curators. They do not lift their own architectural fantasy into the foreground, but allow the scenographic architecture to emerge from the place, its people and the requirements of the program. The architectural, artistic contributions hereby consist in a diligent weaving of past traces, memories and future potentialities.

We hope that this exhibition which represents individual sketches will stir an open and multifaceted discussion around the future of F15 and Alby Gård!

Serge von Arx

Press article for the presentation of the workshop (9th MAY 2018)


Punkt Ø – Galleri F 15 & MOMENUTM og Scenekunstakademiet i Fredrikstad, Høyskolen i Østfold, inviterer til utstillingsåpning i ByLab Moss, onsdag 9. mai kl. 15.00.

BA studenter fra Scenekunstakademiet viser ulike arkitektoniske skisseløsninger til hvordan låven på Alby kan bli en del av Galleri F 15s utstillingsareal. Skissene er utviklet under en to ukers workshop på Galleri F 15, hvor målet var å utvikle arkitektoniske ideer til fremtidige scenarier for en utvidelse av Galleri F 15.  Workshopen ble ledet av den tyske arkitekten Andreas Thiele og Serge von Arx, professor ved Scenekunstakademiet i Fredrikstad. Studentene, som er fra Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Tyskland, Mexico og Iran, tilnærmet seg oppgaven gjennom en fri refleksjon rundt mulige løsninger for transformasjon av låven på Alby til en utstillingsarena.

Studentene presenterer sine bidrag på åpningen. Punkt Øs direktør, Dag Aak Sveinar, professor Serge von Arx fra Scenekunstakademiet, byantikvar Berit Kolden og byplanlegger Terje Pettersen vil være tilstede.

Punkt Ø-Galleri F 15 og MOMENTUM er i dag ett av Nordens ledende kunstsenter for samtidskunst. Sammenlignet med de andre kunstinstitusjone i det nasjonale museumsnettverket i Norge, er Galleri F 15 blant de minste visningslokalene, med beskjedne 280m2 utstillingsareal. Konkurransen med Oslo er stor, og storregionen Viken er under utvikling, med Punkt Ø og Henie Onstad kunstsenter på Høvik som regionens viktigste samtidskunstarenaer. For å imøtekomme Punkt Øs strategimål om å utvikle Det nye Alby, og unngå at Galleri F 15 ender opp som «lillesøsteren» i Viken-Øst», er det avgjørende å realisere låvetransformasjonen.

Punkt Øs direktør håper at studentenes idéskisser vil bidra til diskusjon om fremtidens Galleri F 15 og Alby gård, og være til inspirasjon når et skisseprosjekt rundt låven på Alby igangsettes i august i år.

For ytterligere informasjon, kontakt Maria C. Havstam, Informasjonsleder & Kurator i Punkt Ø. Mobil. 92268408.


Nora and Ingvild

Teatervitenskapelig dugnad inviterer til tre dager med teatervitenskapelig utveksling og utvikling i Bergen den 25.-27. Mai.

Tema og tittel for konferansen er Teatervitenskap – historiografi, teori og praksis og målet er å mønstre bredden av den teatervitenskapelige kompetansen på tvers av scenekunstneriske disipliner og teoretiske orienteringer.

Konferansen finner sted på Universitetet i Bergen og arrangeres i samarbeid mellom sentrale norske scenekunst-, forskning- og utdanningsinstitusjoner. Vertskap i Bergen er teatervitenskap ved UiB og BIT Teatergarasjen.




Ingvild skal også presentere en performance på Ny musikks festival Only Connect, på Sentralen i Oslo 25. mai:





Take me somewhere nice

Take me somewhere nice is thought as a journey where you can feel safe and in your zone of comfort. What are the answers on those questions for 10-15 years olds: How does teenagers relate to the notion of comfort zone? How does coming from different cultural backgrounds, with different histories and sensibilities about comfort, influence the meaning of the term? Those questions will rise in the very specific space of Library Biblo where for adults is prohibited to enter.

The project takes place in Deichman Biblo Tøyen, and has two phases:

The first phase is imagined as a 2 days brainstorming for teenagers, 2nd and 4th of May in Biblo. One of the rooms will be rearranged to suit the session. In this space it will be brainstormed about the notion of comfort zone together with the participants, creating a certain kind of small archive. This will be used later for building the second phase of the project: a fictional sensory environment. In this kind of space community of Biblo will enjoy and take a part of journey.

Second phase takes place from 24th till 31st of May. During this time the fictional sensory environment will be a place for stimulating the senses that should result in a more relaxed and sensitive “Biblo community” who feel safe beyond the safeness of the library itself.

Nemanja Čađo (MA scenography NTA)



This research project consists of various modes of investigation into the city space of Fredrikstad: bodily, verbally, but mostly through the discipline of photo documentation.

The main focus for Patryk Wasilewski is to investigate the borders between private and public space of Fredrikstad´s city centre, viewing motivations that attract people into those specific sites, and the desire they feel to identify with that particular space.

The installation space is open to walk in. Miniature figures, photographs and framed markings occupy the gallery space and aim to evoke the viewer’s memory and experience of the city. The objective of this exhibition is to challenge visitors to acknowledge the complexity of their surroundings through self-reflection. The work aspires subconsciously to be created by the audience themselves, through the charting of their experience, their actions and personal reading within their walk.

Mapping the city, Wasilewski presents through his installation in this gallery space, a log of the process. Further on, he proposes an interpretive recording for understanding the landscape and territories that form the city of Fredrikstad.

Exaggerated as a research project is a conceptual suggestion, a metaphor of the territories that connect and divides people of Fredrikstad; both on a physical and ideological level.

What does this landscape mean to us, and how do we deal with it on a daily basis?
Patryk Wasilewski
BA Scenography
Norwegian Theatre Academy
May 2018