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I’ve finally gotten access to COMSOL 5.2.
Here is a description of the software COMSOL. From COMSOL’s website.

“You can model and simulate any physics-based system using software from COMSOL®. COMSOL Multiphysics® includes the COMSOL Desktop® graphical user interface (GUI) and a set of predefined user interfaces with associated modeling tools, referred to as physics interfaces, for modeling common applications. A suite of add-on products expands this multiphysics simulation platform
for modeling specific application areas as well as interfacing with third-party software and their capabilities. COMSOL Multiphysics is required to run any of the add-on products.”-

I look forward to start running the simulations. Firstly i will try to calculate how long it takes before the temperature in the core stabilizes after a longer period of exposure by a 100ºC heat exchanger, with zero delivery of heat.

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