This report is written as a final assignment for the bachelor degree in Innovation and Project Management at Østfold University College. It is an evaluation of the Royal Norwegian Airforce’s project Fremtidig flyplassdrift1, which is working on implementing the 2014 EASA- regulations within the timeframe of 01.01.2017-01.01.2018. These changes are mandatory on all Air Force bases with coexisting civil air traffic. The report evaluates the project in the timeframe the students participated: 06.01.2017-04.05.2017.

The proposed problem of this report is ”Has the project Fremtidig flyplassdrift been carried out in an efficient manner in regard to the achievement of goals?” To give a complete analysis of the project, factors such as project management, project organisation, and the project’s working methodology is analysed, as well as the importance of establishing a project in this situation.

To conduct this analysis, the students collected data via seven observations, two interviews and six e-mail interviews.

The report shows that the project manager has significant experience, in regards to both project management and the Royal Norwegian Air Force. He is thorough, goal orientated and effective.

Furthermore, the report shows that the project has been organized with a detached steering committee, trusting the team to get the work done. This appears to be beneficial in this situation, and gave the team the space they needed. Matrix management was the natural choice for this project.

The choice to hire a third-party project manager appears successful. The Air Force retained the ability for its specialists to focus their time on their repsective fields. Meanwhile, the project manager provided the experience and skillset the Air Force was lacking.

Collaborating and distributing the tasks between the air wings laid the foundation for rapid initial progress. The rate of progress further increased when the project meetings were converted to workshops. Time has been a crucial factor, and this acceleration was essential.

Everything suggests that the creation of project Fremtidig flyplassdrift was essential for the air wings to reach their goal of becoming EASA-certified by the end of this year. A statement from one team member substantiates this by expressing that the project has seen greater progress in four months than in four years substantiates this.

The bachelor students recommend that the Air Force consider using project methodology when facing similarly complex tasks in the future. It is further recommended that they continue utilizing a third-party project manager, as this type of project management is a skillset the Air Force does not currently possess. The bachelor students also recommend that, in the future, the Air Force makes a more conscious decision regarding the steering committee’s involvement, based on the relevant theory and circumstance. If the Air Force should choose not to have a steering committee, the project owner must follow through on his or her tasks, and possibly appoint a person to be responsible for the everyday communication.