This report encompasses the bachelor-project and thesis conducted by Nikolai Refshal Hansen from the program Innovation & Project Management at Østfold University College while on exchange in France at Université Paris Est Creteil. The assignment was executed on the behalf of Zaptec AS acting as the task principal. See appendix number 1 for the complete project directive.
The students at the faculty of engineering at Østfold University College has mostly group bachelor projects with companies to solve real issues through a scientific approach.
In search for a task principal for this project, Zaptec answered the call to have Nikolai look for what France could bring them.
Zaptec AS is a power technology company with its headquarters in Stavanger, Norway. They provide solutions for the electrical vehicle charging market with ZapCharger Portable and ZapCharger Pro as their products. With over a decade of development, and establishment in 2012 Zaptec now employs over 30 people. The initial transformer technology was developed for electrical tools used off-shore that required more power and insured the safety of the platforms electrical system. More information about the product can be found on page 23.
The last few years the company has received several awards, among the Norwegian Tech Award in 2016 for their innovative product.
With a product that can be sold worldwide, Zaptec among other technology companies looks to foreign markets. The project group was initially assigned by CEO Brage Johansen to look at initiation on the French market. Since February 2017 Simen Teigre was appointed as new CEO of Zaptec and the work continued under his supervision.


Bachelor project for Zaptec AS

The project group announces the final step towards the presentation of the research conducted during the spring semester of 2017. During the EXPO for the engineering department at Østfold University College 15. – 16. June we will be present, as a small addition we will also be part of Høgskolan Vests EXPO in Trollhattan on the 14 of June to present the key findings. In part with Zaptecs vision to redefine charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles we look forward to present and explain our recommendations for how they can further work towards a penetration of the French market. Any questions regarding the project can be sent to the project manager at