Low Power Long Range communication


We are a team of three French students from Orléans University, and one from Østfold University College in Fredrikstad on a project based on the Internet of Things.

Our project is about wirelessly sending light and temperature data from sensors distributed around a solar panels field, to a receiver located at its center a few hundred meters away. The data is then sent by ethernet on a storage server, and it can be consulted through a website.


Since this setting doesn’t require much bit rate, the best wireless solution was to use one of the newly developed Low Power Wide Area Network device: LoRaWAN

LoRa is a technology patented by Semtech which utilizes Chirp Spread Spectrum to send data. Its robustness against interferences allows for long-range communications while having a low power consumption, making it the ideal solution for low bit rates for off-grid transmitters. The goal of our project is to demonstrate LoRaWAN usefulness and explain its inner workings.

Here you can learn more about LoRa

3D printing

We have designed the box for our node in OpenSCAD, it is a free software which is available for Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X.  We have also started printing the parts out using Flashforge Dreamer 3D printer.  We are happy with the results so far.


We have managed to receive information from our sensor node to our gateway.  Our script saves the information to a CSV file. And this is what our program is getting in, and what we are able to read from the CSV file:


If the images are too small or unreadable, you can open the images here.