LNG market in China

LNG production volume of China was about 136.9 billion cubic meters in 2016, up by 1.7% YOY.

China’s conventional natural gas reserves and production volume are not abundant which cannot meet the growing demands.

Due to the limited growth potential of domestic natural gas production volume, it is inevitable to import natural gas.

China’s dependence on imported petroleum and gas keeps growing. In 2016, China’s LNG import volume was 26.15 million tons, up by 32.97% compared to 2015.

In 2016, there were 17 LNG countries of origin for China, yet over 90% of imported LNG was imported from 5 LNG countries of origin which had long-term contracts with China.


Norway is the third largest gas exporter in the world. Nearly all Norwegian gas is sold on the European market.


Dr. Olav Aaker and I in the LNG Terminal!


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This is a feasibility study that seeks to analyze the possibility, profitability, potential benefits and challenges of China’s import of natural gas from Norway. China needs natural gas for its massive industrial energy needs and Norway has the capacity to supply a large part of the demand. The primary objective of the study is toprovide background information on the prospect of China importing Norwegian Liquefied natural gas.