4. Problem Statements

The Nordic countries are, in many areas, a role model for many people. Their education system, salaries, the great involvement of their states in social well-being, their equitable tax system, low unemployment or high rates of happiness are cause for admiration for many. Now, furthermore, they have decided to lead the fight to save the planet.

For example, in 2017, hydropower is normal for Norwegians, who so far have 275 hydropower stations. According to the International Hydropower Association, they account for approximately 99% of the country’s energy production.

Norway is planning an initiative to triple its wind energy capacity by 2020, with an investment of 3$ billion for the sector since 2013. In an effort to support an oil-free economy, a strategy to build Europe’s largest onshore wind energy project was also announced. It will comprise six wind farms (1000 MW together) and will be the fourth largest in the world.

But not everything is so easy, the problems are always present and in this project we will find several problems:

  • One of these problems is finding the right place(s) for the construction of this wind farm.
  • How to calculate the foundation dimension searching the economy and rigidity supporting the loads of the tower and elements of the windmill.

The two problems are related, as it may be the case that the place is right, but people do not agree; or that people agree, but when it comes to deciding the place, it is not right.

Two other problems on a more technical level are:

  • Capacity, quality and soil slope.
  • Wind conditions are not enough for the turbine to start to work.