5. Research Methodology

In this section we will describe how the project will be developed, as well as the methodology used, we will do it by points to make it easier to understand and develop:

  • First we will have to define the place where the wind turbines will be installed and analyze the place to obtain both geological and wind data to obtain the maximum performance of the wind turbine.
  • Once the location has been obtained, we will have to look for companies that supply 250 kW wind turbines and obtain the loads that the wind turbine entails.
  • Determined the type of wind turbine to be installed, the foundation must be designed taking into account the loads to which it will be subjected, the dimensions of the same must be determined with the objective of meeting the requirements for tipping and sliding, this being done, the necessary quantities of reinforcement will be calculated to help the concrete to support the loads to which it is subjected.
  • Once the location, structure, type of wind turbine and foundation has been determined, the plans of all the constituent elements of the wind turbine will be drawn up.