About this thesis

Hi! I am Pedro Luis Camuñas García-Miguel, and I am an electrical engineering undergraduate. I am finishing my degree in Østfold University College as an exchange student, here I am doing my bachelor thesis. I come from Spain, where renewable energies have a bright future, and my goal is to increase and deepen my knowledge in this interesting technology and in its implementation in the Smart Grids scenario.

In this page I will present the development and results of my thesis, with the help of Matlab®  I am going to model the physical behavior of the elements of a distribution grid with storage systems, this will be:

  • A 2 megawatts wind turbine
  • A PV plant
  • A battery system

I will build a high detailed model with all the power electronics converters involved in the subsystems and all the processes that occurs in them, then I will perform diverse scenarios where I will monitor the response of my model. Then, with the help of the Smart Energies laboratory present at the campus in Fredrikstad I will compare the different models with scenarios in the setups available there.

A manufacturer company or a researcher will be able to use this models as tools by implementing technical specifications of the devices involved in the systems and study the response of then at different preset situations, this models also can be integrated in a SCADA system for further research in Smart Grids technologies.

But first, I’m going to explain to you some of the key concepts of this thesis:


What’s the deal with renewable energies?

The main deal with renewable energies it´s that they are not able to be controlled, a carbon plant or a nuclear power plant can be (more or less) put on service when required while wind and sunlight can´t be controlled by humans. This means that is humans, and not the nature, who has to be able to adapt to different situations, changing radically the paradigm in the design of the plants.

Especially atention has to be put on power converters, since the quality of the power and the efficiency of the plant in every operation point on the plant is their responsability. Also, energy storage systems are necessary in order to provide a power backup in case sun and wind are not in the mood of providing enough power on a grid.


Why Matlab?

Matlab is one of the most tools an engineer can ever have, this program allows to perform a wide range of calculations in a relatively easy way, the Simulink platform present in this software makes possible to emulate even the smallest detail of a system, and study its response.


What is SCADA? What are Smart Grids?

SCADA means Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, this softwares are being implemented in the grid in order to improve communications between generators, consumers and transmision lines, making the electrical grid more secure, efficient and controllable.

A grid that has a high impact in communications technologies, and that can be controlled with relatively ease is called a Smart Grid, in Europe and along the world this new concept of electrical grid is being more and more spread.







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