An initial theoretical approach of the topologies of the plants studied in this thesis has been necessary to been able to develop the model and understand the response of them to different situations, a modelling process of electrical devices also requires advanced knowledge on electrical engineering and control engineering in the case of the controller.

Equivalent circuits have proven to be a successful tool for modelling techniques by simplifying the electrical processes taking part in the devices presented in this thesis, the development of the models has been done quickly thanks to this tool and oers a useful way to explain how the devices work to general public.

Matlab© Simulink works perfectly for modelling since it is an advanced software with a wide range of tools that allows the user to get into high level of details of the models designed in this thesis and in future works. The availability of import data and manipulate it with exibility increases the
applications of the software in hardware-in-the-loop simulations like the ones performed in the Smart Energies laboratory.

The availability of a laboratory in the Fredrikstad campus for hardware-int-the-loop simulations has enriched this thesis and allowed the verication of the reliability of the models developed, despite of the devices especially in the wind turbine setup were exactly the same than the developed on the
model, the PV setup has validate the PV models as a very precise approach to the real devices, since the curves drawn when adapted the model to the devices on the laboratory had a close relationship with the measurements taken in the experiment.

Models have been proven to be an approach with high level of detail to the behaviours of the systems studied in this thesis, oering a proper response in terms of generated power very useful for the industry. Still, the competences required for a bachelor thesis have limited the level of detail of this thesis, not making able to develop models that considering more physical processes like aging in the chase of batteries, partial shading in the case of PV panels and pitch control or different wind speeds in each blade in the case of the wind turbine.



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