With the help of the laboratory of Smart Energies , I performed some experiments, here I present the two main ones.

Wind profile

For this experiment, a wind prole has been implemented in the wind turbine setup, with the help of the DFIG Control virtual tool, dierent measurements has been made and are displayed .Pitch angle control on the setup is increasing the angle of attack of the blades in order to reduce
mechanical stress on the turbine and allow the system to work over the nominal speed.

Hybrid solution with BESS

For this experiment, the battery that is part of the setup has been used in order to display the behaviour of a hybrid solution of PV and BESS for a power plant and the grid. A solar prole will be created on the Solar Panel software and the battery will be controlled via SCADA Viewer to make it charge and discharge when the PV system is injecting different powers.


A complete day has been scaled in 12 minutes (720 seconds), so one hour corresponds to 30 seconds in the simulation. The solar prole generated in the Solar Panel software is an average generation curve with a partial shading around 13:00. The battery have been controlled from the grid in order inject power on the grid, use part of the PV power and supply power in case of no sunlight.


During the rst hours of the day, the battery is injecting power on the grid, discharging at nominal power (1500 W), when the sun starts to rise, the battery starts decreasing the power until the power injected to the grid is around zero (since these hours are considered when the price of electricity is minimum), when sunlight starts to become more intense, the battery starts to charge, taking the PV power and maintaining zero total power.



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