Wind and solar plants

Wind energy power plants

A wind turbine power plant is a system that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy by using rotating mechanism attached to a generator, they can vary the scale from small microturbines capable to support the demand of a small installation to big turbines of 10MW that put together can conform big power plants that play an important role in the grid.

Fixed speeds turbines have the advantage that they can use synchronous motors and they can be connected directly to the grid since they produce a  fixed frequency, adjustable speed generators need the implementation of a frequency converter before connecting them to the grid but they can work with variable wind speed without producing stresses in the mechanical parts of the turbine. Since the wind speed is variable and highly unpredictable, it is more desired the implementation of an adjustable speed generator that can work with different wind speeds.

There are two types of wind turbines, depending on the orientation of the rotatory axes they can be horizontal and vertical, in my thesis I´m working with the horizontal since they provide more energy.


PV Plants

Photovoltaic (PV) power plants use semiconductor to convert the energy from the solar irradiation directly into electricity, actually is one of the most used renewable energy sources since they are portableand easy to install.
One of the main disadvantages of a PV power plant is that the generation can’t be controlled, it depends entirely on the atmospheric conditions of each day, the implementation with technologies of energy storage makes them more exible and avoid the energy surplus.

Unlike wind power plants, part of the atmospheric conditions like irradiance and daylight hours are constant and fully predictable, PV plants have to be prepared only to situations of partial shading. The PV panels are the most important component of a PV plant, those devices are responsible of the
energy generation, PV panels use semiconducting materials like silicon to generate electricity from the sunlight, the amount of electricity generated is directly proportional to the irradiance at the moment, making he energy generated variable through the day.




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