The Thesis is handed in!


After three months of hard work the thesis is finallly handed in.

We are happy to say that the results from our work show promise for the future implementation of online process monitoring in the detergent industry!

We hope to see you at EXPO 2018 at Høgskolen i Østfold, 14-15th of June.



The results are in!


After three months of hard work, we are almost ready to deliver our report. Just the formalities remain and we are ready to prepare for our stand and presentation at EXPO!

The results show that the NIR application has potential, but not quite ready to substitute manual laboratory analysis. If you have any questions about our project, come to EXPO 14th and15th of June at Høgskolen i Østfold.



Interpreting NIR-spectra

We have completed the theoretical aspect of the report and are now interpreting the NIR spectra, to see if there is some correlation with the manual lab results. Prediktor is working closely with us. The Expo is coming up soon, make sure to visit our stand at Høgskolen i Østfold June 14-15.


Sampling almost complete


After roughly a month of sampling we are close to finished. We have gathered enough raw data to hopefully make an acceptable calibration model. Analyzing the spectra obtained from the NIR application is our objective In the following weeks. Here, fingers crossed, we find a correlation between the manual lab analysis and the NIR spectra. Stay tuned for new updates in May!


Sampling and analysis

Spektron D-20

We have started sampling and analysis at Unger Fabrikker AS. The NIR instrument provided by Prediktor AS is working as expected, and we are excited to see if there might be some correlation between the NIR spectra and the data from the manual analysis we are doing. We expect to start comparing data at the start of next month. We have our fingers crossed!


We are up and running!

The website has been created! We will the following months keep you updated on our journey to completion of this project. The preliminary report is delivered and we are now working on the theoretical aspect of the main report.