About Unger

Unger Fabrikker A.S is one of Europe’s leading producers of anionic surfactants, and the only one of it’s kind in Scandinavia. Unger manufactures and exports throughout the world, a wide variety of surfactant raw materials applied in household detergents, personal care and institutional products, as well as functional additives for industrial applications.

About Prediktor

Since 1995, Prediktor has delivered advanced industrial IT tools and solutions to a wide range of industries. Prediktor’s products and solutions are based on deep process knowledge and insights into their customers’ processes, operations and needs.

Prediktor’s offerings consist of:

  • APIS, a real-time software platform for high performance data collection, storage, processing and visualization.
  • Spektron, online analytical NIR instruments for applications like continuous, real-time measurement of fat, water and protein in various materials.
  • Turn-key industrial IT solutions for production industries based on their own products.