The topic of my bachelor thesis is now decided.

Food waste is currently a huge global problem. «One-third of the total mass of food produced is either wasted or lost. This equals 1,3 billion tons a year» (Gustavsson et al., 2011).

The project idea is to develop a system or an application that helps households throw away less food. The system is meant to give them an overview of what they have in their kitchen at all times. The goal is to prevent households from buying unnecessary food and throw away less. Creating a new way of shopping, sharing, cooking and disposing.

Reference: Gustavsson, J., Cederberg, C., Sonesson, U., 2011. Global food losses and food waste: Extent, causes and prevention, Organization.



Yesterday, on the sixteenth of march, I had my first meeting about my bachelor thesis here at Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude, Germany. The attendants were me, my supervisor and the department manager, in addition to a project manager. The agenda was to discuss and present different suggestions for what my bachelor thesis should be. The meeting resulted in two options, one from the university and one presented by me. Until Thursday my task will be to wright a more detailed presentation, and the university will do the same. On our next meeting we will choose the better suggestion.