About project

Development of an electric generator for high RPM motors

Some gas turbines have RPM in the range of 100 000 or more. To connect this to an electric generator, one alternative is to use a mechanical reduction gear. This adds weight, mechanical complexity, and mechanical losses to the overall system. An alternative is to design an electric generator that can operate at the high RPM and connect direct (no reduction gear) to the gas turbine.

Suggested generator

The suggestion is to use a squirrel-cage induction machine as a generator. An inverter with a suitable frequency is needed to make this work. This is not a standard product, so it must be built and constructed for the purpose. Also, standard induction machines are constructed for much lower RPM (typically about 3000 RPM). For the suggested purpose, existing machines must be modified, or new machines must be constructed.

Project goals

Based on the task, we can highlight the main objectives of this project:

  • Exploring existing options of high-speed Induction motors and high-speed switching Inverters
  • Creating MATLAB/Simulink model of the whole system and intensive testing of possible behavior variations
  • Development of small-size induction machine for a source of renewable energy
  • Development of high-speed switching inverter for high-frequency induction machine
  • Adjustment parameters and running criteria, speed, frequency, torque, load