River Føniks – Presentation

Presentation on Monday 15  (June) at 16.00 on  Teams, link below



The last phase of my project was the report filing.

This phase had required the development of a photorealistic rendering of the product’s 3D model that has been realized through the software Keyshot 7.



Once the whole situation had been clarified I had the possibility of starting the development phase of the project. This part had been entirely performed at home through a 3D software and video conferences with the company on the platform ‘Teams’.

I would sincerely express my gratitude to the company that in this difficult situation caused by Covid-19 has proved great elasticity and understanding.


Virus situation

Fortunately, the virus emergency started after the research phase and, since the company has always been available to continue the project through meetings on the platform ‘Teams’, I had the possibility of carrying on the project without the necessity of scrum meetings.

During the emergency I carried out the concept phase and then I started the development phase.

However, the situation of Covid-19 has played a big role in the development of the project; it created great uncertainty regarding the Erasmus program. I personally did not know whether I could have had the possibility of carrying on the final phases of the project in Norway or I had to come back to Italy, as most of the Italian students have done.



After the research phase, the concept phase begun, characterized by sketches and technical drawings. This phase has been carried out both at home and at company’s headquarters in order to have a direct comparison with the latter and to clarify the technical constraints.   


Meeting with the retailers

In order to organise the research on the consumers in a more effective way I have visited three different retailers suggested by Rotostøp: Skjebergkilens Marina AS; Bakken Motors AS; Krogstadfjorden Marina AS.

I had rented a car in order to reach two retailer points; their location was barely impossible or very difficult to attain with public transport.

Krogstadfjorden Marina AS had instead been reached another day by public transportation.


Beginning of the project

The project started with a meeting with the company.

During the first weeks of work I visited the enterprise many times in order to better understand their necessities, intentions and goals of the new project. This phase was also very important to understand the production processes and the technical details of the ‘River Boat’ models already in production.