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Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (Forsvares forskingsinstitutt – FFI)

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (Forsvares forskingsinstitutt- FFI) was established in 1946 when it was agreed that technology playeda big and important role in the outcome of the 2nd world war and thatthe Norwegian army had to be rebuilt with modern weapons. The new in-stitute was given three main goals, to contribute to modernizing the army,modernizing of the industry and modernizing of the scientific environmentin Norway. Three fields were chosen as the most central: electronics, rockettechnology and atomic energy.

FFI is now the defense sectors own research institution with high-techexpertise, military and political insight. FFI aids the Norwegian Armed For-ces with problems ranging from operational capability all the way to long-time planning. FFI is there to supply the entire Norwegian defense sectorwith the knowledge that it needs to meet current and future challenges.

FFI works closely with the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Norwegian de-fense department, other departments, industry and research institutions inNorway and outside of Norway, NATO Science and Technology Organiza-tion, European Defence Agency and several other counties through part-nership agreements

For more information go to: https://www.ffi.no/om-ffi