The assignment


Directing a self-driving car using hand signals

FFI is currently looking into the opportunity of using machine learning,
image processing and recognition to maneuver tracked vehicles. Their long-
term goal is to have autonomous vehicles in field for transporting cargo,
and when necessary, there should be possible to override this and maneuver
the vehicle by using hand gestures. A prototype for this project shall be
developed by the bachelor group, the main part is to develop a software that
can handle video streams and respond with the appropriate action. What
programming languages, frameworks and libraries to use is not definite, the
group will figure this out during development of the software. The most
important thing is that there is a good support for machine learning and
processing video streams in the technology the group decides to use.
The prototype will be tested on a TurtleBot that is delivered by FFI,
this is a robot “car” with a camera facing forwards. This camera and robot
will record our movement, make a request to the software with the video
stream, and the software will respond with an action that the robot shall