About our research

The Research Group for Cyber-physical systems (CPSForsk) looks at systems where it is essential to observe and manage physical things. Therefore, we investigate digitalization: robots, smart houses, energy efficiency, and modern production technology. In our research we include modeling, real time systems, networks, cloud services and Internet-of-Things. The research group CPSForsk is central in the focus area Technology-Energy-Society of Østfold University College, and we are partner in the large ECSEL Lighthouse project Productive4.0.

Members of CSPForsk:

  • Øystein Haugen, Professor (leader)
  • Per-Gunnar Fyhn, Førsteamanuensis (Assoc. Prof.)
  • Einar von Krogh, Høgskolelektor (Lecturer)
  • Robert Roppestad, Høgskolelektor (Lecturer)
  • Erling Petter Strand, Høgskolelektor (Lecturer)
  • Amin Shahraki, PhD Fellow {Technology-Energy-Society}
  • An Lam, PhD Fellow {Productive4.0}
  • Espen Teigen, Avdelingsingeniør