1.3 | Cultural Probes

About our probe.

The main goal of our probe is to invoke feelings whenever the user is using a LMS, in this case, Canvas. Having the user who in this case are students, mainly around HIOF that uses Canvas to a day to day basis, and make them do tasks that revolves around their current feelings, will hopefully give us some information about what we can do for the user, and what the user wants from a designer who would be to rewrite or rework the subject (in this case, the Canvas website/system). 

Our probe boxes

Our probe project is planned to be presented in a portable probe box. The box will contain five tasks, which are mainly emotional and will give us insight into the user’s feelings and experiences, to again generate inspiration to us for what we want to explore further in our LMS project.

Our tasks were simple and focused on what the participant thought of LMS and social media; how they used them and what were their preferred platforms.

One of the tasks in the probe box

These are some pictures of the creating of one of the tasks in the probe:

Here are a few pictures of the various boxes and some of the tasks:

We also included a pencil to write down the answers with, and a piece of candy, as a «thank you for participating in our little project!» 🙂