3.1 | Generate Ideas

While we were synthesizing the data we collected from the cultural probes and the expert interview, we were also brainstorming ideas for our next phase: How to use the data we just retrieved to further develop our original idea. Strangely enough, the main pros and cons resulted in almost the same answer, namely that our project was so specific to begin with, there really weren’t that many ways to do it differently! Of course we had a few nutty ideas (like a LMS + hoverboard combo), but those only generated laughs and were not taken seriously enough to be a part of the contender. However, we did manage to come up with three ideas that did make the cut:

Idea One:

Advancing the Canvas application further than what it is now. Making it more like an open-source platform where you can download plugins and addons to make Canvas a more advanced and specialized tool rather than just an informational platform. Letting the students themselves choose what addons they want to have and what plugins they want to disable. And let them customize the course sites and groups.

This will create a new way of using Canvas. Instead of the user having to cave in and adapt to how Canvas is currently set up we can let the user decide and form their own platform. Do economy students need the same tools as IT students? Probably not. Some will use a lot of the same tools but some course-specific addons would create a more directed tool. Also letting eager students creating their own addons or plugins they can choose to share their idea/plugin/addon in the Plugin library (monitored by some form of authority).


Idea Two:

During our expert interview, mr. Bisseberg informed us that 47% of the students interact with Canvas through the app. Now, that’s a large number! Through our student interview, we learned the Canvas app was more user-friendly than the web browser version, but still had room for improvements.


Idea Three:

Our third idea is similar to the first idea, except this idea revolves around the teacher: The open-source platform solution where you can download plugins and addons can benefit the teacher, giving them the opportunity to choose what kind of software, plugins and addons they want to use as digital tools when teaching or is relevant to their subject.