Suggestions and Idea Phase Draft.

Education directed:

A collective way for bachelor students to communicate and work with group projects.

Giving bachelor students a way to share projects, communicate and work with each other on one platform. Instead of having multiple platforms for each topic, one for communication, one for teamwork, etc. Spearheaded as a tool for groups. Directed toward bachelor students and master students who often work with academic writing and academic work in groups.

-A Canvas app with a live chat function, with the tools of Onedrive/Google Docs. 


Health directed:

All-around health care app for people who are unsure of where and how.

A simple way to find and communicate with your respective health care representatives. 

Creating a One-To-All communication way for people who are unsure of where to go or how to book an appointment. Encouraging people who otherwise would ignore the health problems to actually seek out medical assistance. Simple and collective way to find communication information like phone numbers to the clinic etc. 

Gather relevant health information in the same play and give the user a way to log in to the service making the experience relevant to the user in question.


Museum directed:

Ways to give museums a more engaging way to relay information to visitors.

Instead of bringing museums online, removing the actual definition of a museum we should be able to bring a more interactive and intuitive way for museums to teach and display its information. Encouraging people to actually travel to museums to collect and experience knowledge in a way they cant experience them on the internet. Giving the museum something a youtube video or article cant give the visitor. 

Digitalize museums, but not in the way of removing them from the physical space that is a museum. But giving them modern and digital solutions for physical visitors to explore and learn in a unique way.

(Think animatronics, animation, sound, smell, taste, mood, tasks to complete, etc.)