Generating ideas

We started our IDEATE process with going back to our empathy stage and looking at the problems, and the problem statement we ended up with in our previous task. We then brainstormed using the ‘How Might We’ technique for half an hour. One of the students in our group wrote all of our HMW’s ideas up on the blackboard.

After our half an hour was up, we moved on to brainstorming possible digital solutions for our ‘HMW’-questions. We spent an hour on this stage. We then voted on our three favorite solutions. These ideas were the ones that got the most votes:

  • Control interface that let teacher turn on and off and assign app access
  • Use more playful apps in teaching, like Minecraft
  • AI that guide pupils to relevant apps and help pupils stay focused



HMW improve pupils focus?

HMW make pupils stay on task?

HMW remove distractions?

HMW improve benefits of iPad?

HMW make the apps feel more exciting? 

HMW make iPads more controllable?

HMW let teachers assign apps?

HMW improve collaboration?

HMW make communication more efficient?

HMW block distractive website?

HMW avoid pupils watching each others screen?

HMW let pupils help each other to avoid distractions?

HMW make school the favorite part of the day?

HMW make learning more playful?

HMW make the teacher more interesting?

HMW create rewards for completing task?

HMW make it more rewarding to stay on task?

HMW the distractions as motivation?


Possible digital solutions for our ‘HMW’-questions:

Integrated screen(iPad) in each desk, remote controlled by teacher.

Control interface that let tacher turn on and off, and assign app access.

Autonome robots that distribute and collect iPads. They also control pupils use and report violations.

Reward program for pupils that follow teachers instructions. 

Use more playful apps in teaching, like Minecraft.

AI that guide pupils to relevant apps and help pupils stay focused.

Filter for web-browsing that teacher can control.

Involve pupils more in development of learning apps.

Implement elements from popular games in learning. Make educational apps in collaboration with game designers.

Promote and facilitate more collaboration between pupils. 

Privacy filter on all screens.