Personas, Scenarios and Storyboards

1. Personas

We made two personas, Siv Andersen wich is a pupil and Johanne Berntsen who is a teacher. We chose theese two personas since they are our core users and the most relevant to understand the behavior to.

  1.   Scenarios & storyboards

Setting: Getting a task in class

Actors: Siv Andersen (10) and Johanne Berntsen (34)

Goals/objectives: Enable user to complete task given by teacher

Action/events: Make a cartoon story about the pupils holiday

During class Johanne gives all pupils a task where they were asked to create a cartoon about what they did during the summer holidays. She wants them to be creative and motivated to write a short story with pictures. Siv is going to make a cartoon about a boat trip she went on with her family and two girlfriends. Johanne suggests that students can use powerpoint to create the cartoon. Siv’s thinks that the app here teacher has suggested is difficult to use. She also doesn’t think it allow here to make something that actually looks like a real cartoon. At home, she has used a cartoon app when making a birthday card for her little sister. She tells Johanne about this app. Johanne searches the apps in the school’s app store to see how other teachers have experience using the suggested app. Several teachers at other schools recommend this app. One teachers has posted screenshots of students artwork, and Johanne is impressed. She decides to distribute the app her pupils through the push-function in the app store. In seconds all the pupils, which is organized as here users under here account in the app store, receive the app on their iPads and they start exploring it.

These are the most important thing to include in the storyboard:

  • Johanne creates a task that will be engaging for the students. She wants them to create a cartoon story about their holiday.
  • Siv gets the task and finds it difficult to complete using the apps suggested by Johanne.
    Siv knows of another app that could be used to complete the task and suggest this app to Johanne.
  • Johanne have never heard of this app but is interested in how she can make it easier and more fun for the students, so she tries to find the app in the schools app store.
  • Johanne wants to find out more about the app and uses the app store forum to ask if anyone has experience using the app. She also searches to find any discussion about the app.
  • She found that  several teachers has used the app before and has had good experiences so she distributes the app to all pupils in class.
  • Siv and the other pupils simply have to open the app and can try it out, Siv is happy that her suggestion was followed up on and that she has access to an app she can be creative in.

Setting: Teacher

Actors: Johanne Berntsen (34)

Goals/objectives: Get overview of new apps and prepare for a new semester

Action/events: Johanne gets advice from other teachers

It’s late summer and Johanne has started preparing for the next semester. This year she is assigned to teaching 5th grade at Bogstad elementary school. She used to teach 1th grade, but because of retirement among the staff she now is a 5th grade teacher.

This means a whole new curriculum and also a whole new set of apps to use during class. She logs on to the schools app store and looks at what the previous teacher used. She has taken over the account for this class. She is not so happy with some of the apps and decides to ask other teachers for advice. She navigates to the forum for 5th grade teachers and post that she is looking for good apps to use in language and math. She quickly gets replies from teachers with more experience and start downloading.

These are the most important thing to include in the storyboard:

  • Johanne started preparing for a new curriculum as she has been assigned to a new grade.
  • There is a lot to prepare when teaching a new grade but she has taken over the class account from the last teacher so she can see what apps was used in this class before.
  • Johanne is not satisfied with the apps used by the previous teacher and wants to explore the options available, she uses the schools app store to find what apps are commonly used.
  • Johanne is a bit overwhelmed with all the new apps and how to use them so she decides to ask her fellow teachers for help trying to figure out what apps they use and how they use them.
  • She gets a lot of answers and she can see one heavily upvoted answer that has a lot of suggestions on how to use some apps.
  • She begins her exploration of apps by downloading the apps suggested by the other teachers. Having the suggested use cases explained by the other teachers makes it easier to understand how to use the app.