3.1 Generating Ideas

How did we generate ideas?

We transitioned into the ideation process in class, where we spent 30 minutes brainstorming ideas that could fit our problem definition: “How can teachers and parents (who) communicate more frequently using a smart phone (what) without creating more workload for teachers (why).”  

We wrote our ideas, weird-, related or not, into a mind map and elaborated what we wanted for each of them (red boxes)as a way to build on each other’s ideas.  For each idea we also included a fitting picture. This way we started the process in a more cognitive and visual manner.  


A picture of the ideas


How did we select the 3 most preferred ideas?

When we were going to select the 3 most preferred ideas, we used the dot voting method, and gave the best ideas points from 1-5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. In the end the app idea got the most votes with 20 points. The other two ideas that got the most votes were the holographic watch (17 points) and the blog (12 points). 

The purpose of the application would be to create a safe place where parents and teachers can ask questions and share info. Its function would be to share general information between parents and teachers, both private and public. The public one would be like a forum or timeline, where parents can ask a question and get answers from other parents and/or teachers. This is meant to save the teacher some time, instead of individually answering questions many parents might be wondering about. On this timeline, teachers can also give updates on special events (field trips, holiday-related activities, etc.) happening during the school day. It should also be possible to share general information privately with individuals regarding a child or appointments when needed. 

A presumed positive effect of using this app will be better communication between not only teachers and parents, but between parents as well. Parents can answer parental questions if they know the correct info. In addition, the app is meant to replace text messages- and phone calls on a teacher’s private phone after work. This is intended to give the teacher more freedom regarding when they want to- or have time to respond to messages.