Cultural Probes – Exercise

Choose an example cultural probes and find out:
We chose the Crafting Cultural Probe Boxes

  • What is the design goal of the cultural probe?

The design goal of the cultural probe was to find out the perception of value in the products that people own.

  • What is the probe made of (artifacts & tasks)?

The probe is made out of oak wood. The task was for users to receive the box and interpret, then send the box back so the designer would interpret the possession that the user put inside the box.

  • What inspiration did the design team get from the probe results?

The inspiration the design team got was from researching in «cultural probes are a means of conversation not simply another standard research method». After the designer put a lot of effort in making the box, they felt that they added a lot of their own value into the box and hopes that the world will endure the box as an item.