4. Prototype

Look and Feel prototype

The prototype of our parent-teacher app was made in Adobe XD.

The first the user is met with when opening the app is the login page. Here they have the choice of logging in as either a teacher or a guardian. The next step is to choose their affiliation, which school they belong to. There will not be a way to make an account through the app, for security reasons. The username and password will then be made and handed out by the school. There will also be an option to remember the login, so that it won’t be time-consuming for the user.


If you choose to continue as a guardian and have several children going to the same school, you’ll have the option to choose which child’s page you want to view.


Continuing as a guardian, a feed will be displayed. Not only can teachers can give updates on special events or give reminders, but parents can ask general questions that aren’t child- or appointment related.


As a guardian you can also view your personal mailbox. Here you can chat personally with the main teacher(s) of your child’s class, and ask questions related to your child or an appointment.


Continuing as a teacher, an identical feed to a parent’s will display. Teachers can give updates, but also answer parental questions. Not only teachers can answer the questions, but other parents too if they have the correct info.


The teacher can chat individually with each parent of the class if needed.


Video prototype

View the video here.