Empathy map

We selected Empathy map because we want to know what det users emotions are and how they can help make a better product. With the help of what the users feel. 

We used pictures of people that were injured and not injured by e-scooter driving and its environment to learn what people from the outside would feel from what experiences they see have happened to other people and maybe they have some insights themselves about e-scooters.  

Generally e-scooters are a health hazard witch we have learned from our user interview and expert interview, and they are a environmental danger because they break often and the batteries don’t last very long so the e-scooters often need repairs and often cheaper to make new once than fix the broken once.



The definition of the problem: We know from research that many people get injured when riding e-scooters. We think designing a product that reduces the health hazard.

Our users need more security while riding e-scooters and our designed product will help reduce life threatening situations and accidents by giving the user more visibility from their surrounding elements, such as pedestrians, cars, bikers etc.


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