Idea Brainstorming for E-scooter Safety

We started a 30 minute long timer and started to brainstorm ideas that could affect E-scooters in a positive way towards safety. this is what we came up with:

Special helmet for E-scooters, it can have some features such as a turn signal on the back and front of the helmet since, e-scooters tend to turn corners quite quickly and this signal could help give drivers and people information in where they are heading. 

General lights Front lights for better and safer driving in the dark, break light for cars and other scooters behind so they se when the user breaks so a crash can be prevented and signal lights so people know where the user is going so driving become safer and smother.

App – connected through bluetooth and could give the possibilities for gps tracking and directions as well as locking the scooter in place. Universal, if the scooter has bluetooth which they do, in most cases.  It would have a simple and appealing design. Easy to add new functions (could be gps speed, battery status, you name it) 

Not all of these ideas are great, but we wrote everything down. We think that a helmet could show most potential out of all of these, if not, maybe we can join up and make another brainstorm.


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