Scenario and storyboards 


Per Reidar is 39 years old and he is using an E-scooter every day to travel to and from work. He is generally quite afraid to crash while riding the E-scooter but still tend to do some risky maneuvers if he is late for work. Today he is in a hurry and does a risky sharp turn to the right and he ends up almost colliding with a car that would injure him. He is a little shaken by this, but he rides off anyway to work. When he is finished with work, he picks up a new helmet that offers not only head protection, but also, break light, turn signal lights, airhorn, and a headlight. With this helmet, now he can finally give signals that he will take right or left turn and inform car drivers that turn is indeed happening. If Per Reidar has to brake, the drivers will also be informed that he is doing that. Per ended up behind four pedestrians used his airhorn, so he could pass them. He arrived home safely, and Per told his wife how cool his new helmet is.




Karen Kul is 25 years old

She lives in a countryside town, she uses her E-scooter to work and regular commuting around town. She has no other choice then to signal by hand where to go, and potentially loose balance and crash. But things are changing…


Today she got her new helmet that has lights like brake, driving and signal lights and a cool horn witch she can use to make people aware that she is driving near them and today on the way to work she feels much safer than ever before because she can indicate where to turn without endangering herself.


And when she got to work totally unharmed a man comes up to her and says if it had not been for her awesome helmet she he would have crashed into her with his Toyota Celica. That did not happen because he noticed her helmet with the blinkers immediately.


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