3.1 Genarating Ideas

For this assignment we were to come up with three different solutions for technological artefacts to develop for our specific problem. We started with a brainstorming session to start the ideate phase. Next, we went to MarkerSpace and found post-it notes and a whiteboard so we could make it visual. This will help us find a solution that can enhance our question.  We generated a How Might We question for inspiration. So, our topic question then became: How might we use technology to make Fredriksten festning museum attractive and exciting for the students 18-25. Then we each got 30 minuets to write down a possible digital solution for our question. The point is to find many solutions. When we gathered the post-its on the whiteboard, we got 18 ideas.

Figure 1: Post-it note with our topic question


These were the ideas: 

  • Use Kairos in a modernization phase.   
  • Use modern technology to make museums more exciting. 
  • Invite students to a museum 
  • Make museums hip 
  • Take a museum to a regular home 
  • Build interactive exhibits  
  • Make museum a spare time activity for students  
  • Make a quiz app to get students to visit museums (a gift card for food for the winner) 
  • Use technology to make AR of the museum  
  • Use technology to make old history more fun by using a holographic narrator 
  • Can make more digitalizedcollection/exhibit 
  • We can make a 3D game out of the museum 
  • Get a tour of the museum home to your television or smartphone (APP) 
  • We can use technology to make an interactive War and History Museum using a hologram 
  • 3D art at the school in form of a hologram (like the statue of David)– get the art to the students 
  • VR glasses for their home, to get the museum in their living room 
  • 3D museum to get home, so the students don’t need to leave the home 
  • Make museums more interactive using technology so the visitor will be more interested in going. 
  • Make the old museums more interactive by using VR glasses. 

Figure 2: Post-it notes scattered around so we could get an overview of all the ideas and make it easier to vote for the best idea

For our method to select ideas we choose to use postit voting/dot voting. Now that we had generated the ideas and written them down on postit, we started voting. 

Each of the member of the groups got to give points to the ideas and the idea with the most points wins. We used a 5point marker to respectively 5-4-3-2-1 points to ideas. 

And then we got 3 good ideas we want to work further with. 

  1. We can use technology to make AR of the Fredriskten festning museum. (14 points) 
    • Use AR to make the exhibit come alive
    • Use AR to go on a treasure hunt
    • Use AR to go on a live ghost hunt
  2. We can use technology to make interactive war and history exhibits at Fredriskten festsning museum. (9 points) 
    • We can create an touch board wall in the exhibit.
    • A wall you can touch then a projector will play an movie with the museums history
    • Lights and hologram thru the fortress/museum.
  3. We can make a 3D game” out of the Fredriskten festsning museum. (6 points) 
    • We can create a 3D game you can get home to walk trough the fortress. With history in the game.
    • At the museum you can get VR glasses to go thru the museum and the history becomes alive.
    • Get the museum home to your computer