3.2 Personas, Scenarios, and Storyboards


Persona 1:


  • Name: Maxine Anderson
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Single
  • Education: Teacher (1-7 grade)
  • Employment: H&M (part time)
  • Income: 8000kr month
  • Location: Halden

Bio (Shorthand):

  • Maxine is a senior college student who studies to become an elementary school teacher within history. She loves to work with children, and loves learning about technology and history.


  • She needs more inspiration in her day to day life, as well as she needs to go out with her friends more.


  • She wants to be an inspiring teacher for her future students. She also wants to find a loving husband and have to loving children of her own.


  • Her main goal is to make her history lessons more fun and interactive with the help of technology. She wants to tech her student’s history in a way that can make it more memorable.


  • Social
  • Outgoing
  • Socially responsible


  • Decision maker

Figure 1: Maxine’s persona

Persona 2:


  • Name: George Harrison
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Single
  • Education: Economics
  • Employment: Bartender (part time)
  • Income: 5000kr month
  • Location: Halden

Bio (Shorthand):

  • George is an exchange student from Australia who lives in Halden. He studies economics and enjoys spending time with his fellow students and friends. He came to Norway because he’s always enjoyed traveling and loves a new adventure.


  • George needs his everyday life to be more digitalized because he gets very frustrated when he has to do things the old fashion way.


  • What motivates him is that he wants to start up his own accountant company in the future


  • His goal in life is to use technology to make economics and business more user friendly


  • Adventurous
  • Sporty
  • Energetic


  • Brand loyal

Figure 2: George’s persona


Scenario for Maxine

Maxine is sitting in the school library. She is going on a date later that day. She wants to do something out of the ordinary with her date. Since she is a student, who is studying to become a history elementary teacher, she wants to show her date who she is.

She goes on Google on her smartphone to find an activity to do nearby Halden. She stumbles upon the Fredriksten Fortress museum’s app which they can download, so they can go on a ghost hunt at the fortress. The app uses AR so you can see the ghost on your phone and has a map so you can see where the ghosts hide.

Maxine and her date arrive at the museum. They have both downloaded the app before they arrive at the Fredriksten fortress. They walk around looking at the map on their smartphones. When they see a ghost on the app using the AR function, they need to catch them by filming them. They are having fun on their date. 

Scenario for George

After six months of studying in Halden, George’s family is finally coming to visit from Australia. He tries to make a plan for what they can do while his family is here. In his apartment, he opens up his computer to search for activities to do in Halden. One thing that really stands out to him is how the museum on Fredriksten fortress is now using holograms to display some of their exhibits, especially the war history. He is definitely putting this on his to-do list for when his family arrives.  

After his family has settled down after their long journey, they are ready to see what Halden has to offer, and what George has learned about the city. When they arrive at the museum, the personnel gave them a brief explanation about the holograms. She also tells them that they have a few QR codes by some of the exhibits, and when you scan them with your smartphone a story with an AR function will appear.  

They’re all very pleased with their trip to the Fredriksten fortress museum, this was a visit they will remember for a very long time. Seeing how the swedes tried to invade Halden by the help of a hologram was a new way to tell a story and this was something they’d never seen before. They will definitely recommend this museum to their friends if they ever want to visit Halden 



Storyboard for Maxine


Storyboard for George.