Documentation of the literature search

Our chosen topic is to look at adult refugees coming to Norway and their process of learning the Norwegian language. When we searched for literature that could help us gather more information on this topic we set some goals and questions that we would like to find the information necessary to achieve or answer.
These goals and questions are:

  • Improve the process of learning Norwegian when coming to Norway as an adult refugee
  • How does it work today?
  • How can we make it better
  • How can we support current solutions


With these questions and goals in mind, we searched for relevant literature for our topic. We did not limit ourselves to only scientific books and research reports but also allowed ourselves to look at newspaper articles as interviews with individuals in this situation will give a good insight into how they feel in this situation.

We searched using the glorious google engine and the sources we selected are:

(some keywords we used: «learning norwegian», «norwegian language education», «adult refugees in norway», «refugees learning norwegian language» and «adults learning norwegian language»)


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The reason we chose these as our sources:

is that they provide insights into our information flow topic from different perspectives. It doesn’t only look at the learning situation but also the differences in cultures, which is also a huge part of integrating into society. One big point is also the social aspect which is proven to be one of the most effective and important parts to learn a new language.