Generating Ideas

Problem definition: Students not using Norwegian outside of school much.

How might we question:

  • Inspire students to want to use a new language.
  • Engage students in Norwegian conversation outside of school.
  • Help students with little time outside of school use the language.
  • Reward those who exercise the new language well / those who work hard

Ideate Process:

After we made some «how might we» questions we just started writing down what ideas we thought of and we managed to come up with some ideas. After we presented our ideas and talked about what the solution is meant to solve, we gave each idea points, a maximum of 5 points and a minimum of 1 point and we couldn’t vote with the same points on multiple ideas.


  1. An app that connects people who learn and know Norwegian so they can talk to each other either via text or voice.
  2. A type of registering with a leaderboard where you can register the books in norwegian you read where you can receive rewards.
  3.  Norwegian Language learning apps like Duolingo which are for the languages the majority of refugees speak.
  4. Some sort of a very advanced futuristic device that lets people schedule meetings with anybody in the world in a matter of seconds.
  5. A drug that can be taken by humans to install any language in the brain quickly.

The idea we chose:

Number 1: App that connects strangers, one who is currently learning Norwegian, and one who is fluent in Norwegian (or a learner too) so that they can talk together. Either through voice chat or text chat.

The problem we believe this app will solve is students who might not have a social group outside of school where they mainly speak Norwegian, or that they have trouble getting to know fluent speakers. This app will act as a social media where you can connect to a random person and have a conversation with them. And if you find a person who you get a good connection with you can add them as a friend on the app if you want to continue the conversation.

Define Your Research Questions

We chose the empathy map because it represents our ideas from our users experience on our project best. It also is a better way to categorize and organize the different aspects of our potential users needs.

We found out that the students learning Norwegian biggest problem are not slow learning but to find a social platform that supports their learning experience. Both when it comes to social affiliation with the Norwegian culture and with their own. To combine those things can be hard especially when you are not a fluent speaker.

Our question is: how to help young adult refugees to learn Norwegian here in Norway, and help them combine their cultures.