Prototype description:

The app that we have made a prototype for has 2 main functions. function is to come up with challenges for the user to receive that will help them when they are learning norwegian. Like for instance (talk norwegian with a stranger). The second goal we set for the app was that it will have a chatting system. In the chat you can chat with random other people who also have the app, or you can add your friends and see how they are doing when it comes to the challenges. This might also help teachers to see how their students are using norwegian in their private time, and to help indicate how motivated the student is. They can press the green bottom if they have done the task presented and the weekly recurring challenges keeps track of your progress. The colors chosen for the app is chosen from the northern lights, to inspire the people using the app not only to learn the language but to intrigue them be a part of the norwegian culture if that is what they want.