We have contacted the same 3 students who we sent our cultural probes to and asked them to give us honest feedback about our app prototype. It’s important for us so we can improve and make it better, or perhaps remove annoying things too.

First, we showed them our video without explaining anything and asked them about their opinions. We got mixed reactions.

They didn’t quite understand every word we said in the video but two of them did get the point behind the video. The two of them said that the video is basically about a person who is using an app to learn Norwegian. However, the third student thought that this person is using Facebook messenger to chat with others, which is true. That’s because we recorded Gaute using Facebook messenger simply because we did not have an interactive app that we could have used.

Second, we showed them some screenshots of the design we have created using Adobe XD. We got positive comments this time.

All of them liked the design and complimented it. They also liked the simplicity of the app and the ease of use. Surprisingly, just one student had an opinion about a function that is missing in our app. She wanted a kind of an in-app automatic translation feature when chatting in our app. The others didn’t want the app to be more complicated and were happy with functions that are already in place.

Third, we continued by asking each one of them 3 questions;

1. What do you like the most about the app?

I like the idea of being able to chat with strangers every now and then.

2. What do you hate the most about the app?

I imagine the app will send me tons of notifications and that would really be annoying, so please don’t do that.

3. Will you buy the app if it was real?

No, there are many free apps out there with similar and maybe better features already.

4. Will you download our app for free?

Well yeah, why not. I can give it a try.

5. Something you wish was a feature in our app?

To use the app without having to create an account.

6. Do you want to change anything in the app?

Not really, I don’t know.

7. Any final comments or thoughts? (this question was asked to all 3 students)

One of them suggested that it would be very nice and cool to give the users some real useful awards when completing tasks and challenges. Like cinema tickets or anything that could benefit and/encourage their use/learning of the Norwegian language.

The others didn’t give us any suggestions or ideas but wanted us to include something magical so they don’t get bored from using our app.