3.1. Generating Ideas



We put together the math contest and multiplication blocks idea.

Our ideas:

– Arcade math game

– Math twister

– Whack a mole math game

– Multiplication- blocks

– Visual calculator

– A math contest game






After working with developing our idea presented on the picture above, we realized that it became too similar to Osmo, which is another tangible math game that comes with an app. The two of us met and discussed what we could do further. We didn’t have much time, and we were only two, so we wanted to choose something simple enough to develop in a short period of time. So we decided to start working with another idea that we got that evening.

We begun prototyping a battleship math game, which turned out pretty good, but after a supervision, we’ve decided to continue working on developing a more tangible tool.

A battleship game app for windows/ android/ ios with several game modes:

– a multiplication mode, where the students have to write the right answer to the multiplication problem in the multiplication table to bomb the spot.

– a random mode with multiplication/division/ addition/ substration.The app randomly generates math problems that have to be correctly answered to bomb the enemy ships.

At our supervision, we were adviced to develop a more tangible tool, so we continued to work with our previous idea.

We’ve decided to make a game similar to kahoot, where the kids are supposed to answer mathematical questions by placing blocks on a screen that reads the qr- code, and then checks if the answer was right.

We choose our idea just by agreeing upon it. There was no need to vote by doting or any other voting method, as we only are two in the group, and could easily come to a conclusion by discussing our ideas.


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