3.2. Personas, Scenarios, Storyboards





1: Ole is an elementary school student. He is sitting in the classroom, and listens to the teacher wile she introduces a new tool to be used during math lessons: a kahoot- like math block game. Ole, and every other student in the class, got handed out a set of blocks together with a screen that’s supposed to read the QR- code on the blocks. A teachers displays the game on a big screen, and the small ones that the students have wirelessly connect to the game. The screen displays the first task: 16. The students are supposed to make an arthimetic calculation that results in the number 16. Ole decides to answer with 4 x 4. That was one of a few right answers. A little green light on his screen appears, and he gets points for choosing the right answer.

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2: Tone is teaching at an elementary school. Today, she wants to try out a new tool for teaching mathematics. When the lesson start, she hands out a set consisting of blocks and a screen to each student. Then, she connects to the big screen in the classroom, displays the game. Tone makes sure that every student is connected to the game, and then they start playing. The first task is displayed on the screen. She watches the students as they figure out the solution. She asks the students for the right answers, and after hearing what they have to say, she displays all the possible solutions on the screen.



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