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Test: Reflections

Prototype testing is important to evaluate market response. During this stage, it is very important to ask the right questions, and test the prototype on the right people, which in our case is young elementary- school children. During this phase … Les videre

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Ideate phase: reflections

Our ideating phase wasn’t the most successful one, as it was in this period we lost our third group member. We probably should have documented more on our blog, but we didn’t keep many of the sketches we’ve made, because … Les videre

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Define phase: reflections

In this phase we learned how to visualize the data through: affinity diagramming (our favourite method) parallel clustering empathy map We’ve learned to make sense of data and how various pieces of information are related, through immersing ourselves in it … Les videre

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Empathy phase: reflections

During this phase we wrote our very first literature review, which was, surprisingly, a very engaging and fun task to write. Before now, we didn’t have experience with writing such texts. We realized how important it is to actually find … Les videre

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5. Test

We tested our tool on 3 participants to learn how our users interact with the tool. We didn’t get much feedback, since 8- year old children aren’t exactly the most eloquent, but we’ve collected some new data through observation. We … Les videre

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3.2. Personas, Scenarios, Storyboards

PERSONAS:     SCENARIOS AND STORYBOARDS: 1: Ole is an elementary school student. He is sitting in the classroom, and listens to the teacher wile she introduces a new tool to be used during math lessons: a kahoot- like math … Les videre

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3.1. Generating Ideas

    Our ideas: – Arcade math game – Math twister – Whack a mole math game – Multiplication- blocks – Visual calculator – A math contest game           After working with developing our idea presented … Les videre

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2. Define your research questions

To define our reserach question we decided to use an affinity diagram, because it stimulates the thinking process visually, more than a content analysis, and is more suitable for factual pieces of information, rather than for subjective pieces of information, … Les videre

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1.3. Cultural Probes

The goal of our cultural probe was to find out more about what students think about mathematics as a subject at school, and which knowledge delivery methods they like best while learning mathematics. Our cultural probe consists of: Instructions and … Les videre

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1.2. Expert interview 

We interviewed a teacher of mathematics, with background from different school degrees.   The interview was held in a reserved room at Østfold University College, where we and the interviewee spent the whole interview.  We had an interview in a semi-structured … Les videre

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