For this assignment I decided to create an affinity diagram for the define phase of the project. I chose this method because I felt that this way, I could lay it out however I pleased. I also felt it was the most efficient for me personally and in my eyes would show me the best results. The affinity diagram doesn’t limit you to much other than categorizing the data you have very freely, which is quite handy in my humble opinion.

I chose to make it easier on myself and create the diagram in Microsoft word, because I’m the more digital type of person and I know for a fact that if I would have used a lot of post it notes it would with no doubt be followed by a ton of bad handwriting which I almost cannot read myself, including a big mess. I started the process by looking through previous results, then write down a couple of phrases in a list in word. To categorize these phrases, I made a table which I then filled with different colors. When I was done categorizing the phrases I created an extra row in the table and filled it with a sentence describing each category, also in another color. The color codes are RED for categories, BLUE for describing sentences and GREEN for categorized phrases.

Because of the affinity diagram I now know that I want to put my focus on the digital technology side. The reason being is that with more tech, the more the museums can advertise that they have this and that types of technology. Mainly interactive and remote technology that is, and that would in my eyes be AR and VR.

I decided that I want to focus on the Fredrikstad Museum. The reason being that the place is full of history and I really think that with the right technology, more youth would be interested in the place too. Just imagine putting on a VR-headset and jump a couple centuries back in time.

The youth is constantly connected to something digital, with new tech comes new possibilities. One could show the people a whole new view of how life was before and even make it quite realistic which by all means would drive some traffic to museums with these features.

So the definition I would conclude with would be: «How can the implementation of interactive technology be beneficial for both Fredrikstad museum and students aged between 18 and 25?»