Brainstorm ideas:

  • Virtual Reality tour of events
  • Augmented Reality scenarios
  • Virtual Reality demo of past events
  • 4D/VR experience of past events
  • Interactive quizzes
  • “Bring home” experiences
  • Virtual Reality school trips
  • History games, highscore of the day/week/month = winner = prize


The three chosen ideas:

  1. Using VR/AR technology to create a digital and interactive tour of “Gamlebyen” and it’s historic events.
  2. Create a home/school experience using VR headsets portraying Fredrikstads history.
  3. Spread out large interactive screens/touchboards which is used to play through games/quizzes to get points and maybe a prize from the museum. (If you know your history, that is).


Since my goal is to make museums more digital I started brainstorming for around 5 minutes and tried to come up with something that’s relatively new to most people, which was VR/AR technology. But all of it couldn’t be based on that type of technology, because everyone’s not into virtual reality and all that. So I needed something else too and came up with some other ideas that was a little more simple, yet entertaining and rewarding for the participants.

I chose these three ideas really because they seem like something that I would want to try out for myself, because I’m a student and I like digital “thingamajiggies”. The other reasons were that VR/AR is relatively new and most people haven’t tried it (it’s also quite awesome when done right), but it’s also expensive. Students and expensive don’t fit very well together right? So, the idea behind this is to give students and schools an opportunity to test out something new for a lower price than buying their own equipment, while they learn new things. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the next big thing? I also went for the interactive screens because, VR can become a little overwhelming. But the idea of giving away a prize to the person with the highest score of the quiz or game will most likely be quite interesting for people as well.

But the idea I want to focus on is AR and how to incorporate it into Gamlebyen in Fredrikstad. The reason being that AR seems more doable, because instead of using VR headsets you can use something that close to everyone has: Smart Phones.


Persona 1


Carl Magnus is a 19 year old Information Systems student with interests in technology and history. Although he is studying technology and working towards the future, he occasionally loves to get lost back in time by reading, especially the history of Fredrikstad. But reading can sometimes get boring in the long run, so he wants to have something new to do. He had already been to the Fredrikstad museum before with his grandfather a couple years back, but then one day on the bus home from school he saw an ad from the museum which said that they had implemented interactive AR as one of their new ways to attract people. So he went to the museum, was told about the application he could download on his phone and then he went for a walk in Gamlebyen. He went to the statue of Fredrikstads founder; King Fredrik II of Denmark & Norway. Carl Magnus pointed his phone towards the statue and suddenly there was a character popping up on his screen. It was Fredrik II, he was talking and Carl Magnus could interact with the character through his phone. Carl Magnus then continued on his stroll and interacted with most of the characters he could find. He was happy he had finally found something other than books.

Magnus storyboard



Persona 2


Caroline is a 21 year girl from Sarpsborg who studies to become a teacher with focus on history and social studies. She heard that the Fredrikstad museum had a new interactive AR tour and proposed to the school she was placed at for her studies to send a class there. So, they went for a school trip and got to check the tour out. Caroline and the pupils whipped their phones out and interacted with old historical characters through their phones. Some even joined the daily competition and tried to win some prizes by solving tasks. Both Caroline and the pupils had a good time exploring the history of Fredrikstad and even got some of Sarpsborgs history included since the two cities are closely related.

Caroline storyboard