When I first started to ponder about the prototype I already knew I wanted to do something with AR. So I started to think about how I could make it both informative and enjoyable for visitors to use this product instead if only go on a regular tour at the museum. So I wrote a small list of the things I would like to implement in the application.


  • AR figures
  • Quests + map
  • Inventory
  • Roleplay


I’ve had some good experiences from AR games, like Pokèmon GO, so I figured it would be cool to implement some elements from there. I also wanted to make it kind of like a Role Playing experience. So I started to create mockups of the interface and menus.

This is the map overview. It is supposed to show you where there are new quests or things to explore. It also contains buttons for the inventory and quest menu. The POV button opens the camera. The red dot is the players location and is supposed to display the players avatar/character.

This is the POV or Camera view. Point it in the direction of let’s say the statue of Frederik II and he pops up as an AR character. Maybe he will tell you some cool piece of history or maybe he has a quest for you?

These are the Inventory and Quest menus. The inventory menu shows you what items you have and what they are or can be used for. The quest menu shows you which quests are active or ready to be completed.


The video prototype is too big to upload in wordpress, but here’s a link to the video in google drive: VIDEO PROTOTYPE LINK