For the final phase, which is testing I needed to see if the product actually could be a solution for the problem at hand. 


Prioritized list:

  1. The product must be user friendly
  2. The product must be entertaining and enjoyable
  3. The product must fulfill the role of retelling history.


To test the product I need to find some willing candidates in the right target group, which is students from 18-25 years old. First I am going to show them the video prototype, then present the product with still images. Finally I am going to ask them a few questions about the product to gather some results to get to a conclusion.


User gathering

I gathered 4 people for the testing and placed them in the cozy living room at my dorm, in front of the TV. 

  1. I showed them all the prototype video.
  2. I went through a small presentation with still images.
  3. I asked them a couple questions.


The questions were as followed:

  1. Do you understand the concept?
  2. Would you consider using this type of application?
  3. What intrigues you and what changes do you want to see?



I recorded the answers from the test candidates and the answers were:


Question 1: 

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes


Question 2:

  • I would definitely use it, I am from Fredrikstad so it’s not too far from home. 
  • I would maybe consider using it. Not sure. 
  • If it would be available someplace I was interested in, I would probably use it. 
  • I don’t think I would use it, I already use Pokemon GO and Wizards Unite.


Question 3:

  • I like that it is in a specific area and the roleplaying aspect with my own character. I think it would be cool to see some competitions added into the app, competitive playing is very fun.  
  • I think it’s an ok concept, I like that you can get an insight into how it was at a different time. If I were to change something It would’ve been maybe some rewards if you did good or something, I don’t know. 
  • I understand it and all that and I would use it, but I wouldn’t want to go to Fredrikstad only to try it. I think it would be interesting to expand it to other specific places, but not everywhere. 
  • I still wouldn’t use it, but it’s a cool twist on the AR genre. I think I would change it to just being about history with a hint of some competitions instead of the roleplay aspect.



The test participants understood the concept after being shown both the video and a short presentation, so that means I’m on the right track at least. They were also mildly positive to the product, but some also a little reluctant to it. They had mixed feelings for the concept, some would like to try it, some would like it to change a little or be available in other locations before they try it and some would not use it at all. But the participants also came up with some good ideas which can be used in further development of the product. 

So to conclude this project I would like to say that if the product would’ve been developed it could be a solution to the problem after getting enough testing and feedback.