Cultural Probe

  • What is your design goal?
    The cultural probe is designed so that the information gathered will be immediate thoughts after a Conversation in Norwegian, and in the evening after the day is done. This will make the person using the probe reflect of his or hers Norwegian usage throughout the day, but also the first thoughts after the language is used.
  • Who are your users?
    Adult refugees in Norway who are currently learning the Norwegian Language.
  • What is the probe made of (artifacts & tasks?
    • Artifacts
      • Notebook
      • Pencil
      • Stickers
    • Tasks
      • During the day
        • After a conversation in Norwegian fill out how you felt you mastered it on a scale from 1-5.
        • Comment about what went well in the conversation or what you want to improve on.
      • In the evening
        • Write down their use of newly learned words or phrases.
        • Write down your favorite word you learned or used today.
        • Put on a yellow star sticker for x amount newly learned words.
        • Circle around «emoji’s» that represent how they generally felt while speaking Norwegian that day.
        • Write down a goal for the next day. If the goal for the day was completed put up an extra sticker
          Goal examples: Better expression, Learn more phrases \ words, engage in conversation in Norwegian.

  • How do you plan to follow-up your probe?
    Collect the probe in person (if possible) and thank them for doing the tasks.
    Ask them if they want to be informed about the findings off the data in the probe.
    If yes ask them how they prefer to be contacted.


There is no information gathered from this probe as the group i was in didn’t hand them over to anyone after i made and gave another group member the notebooks before i left the group to start working in a one man group.