The prototype created is a high fidelity look and feel prototype. My goal was to illustrate how the app were look, what pages i wanted to implement and how these pages would work together. I wanted really to have a minimalistic look with as little steps as possible to get from A to B. Early on i chose a color palette which is used throughout the entire prototype, including logos and icons for the app.

The functionality of the app is simply a way for people to connect with someone, either through voice chat or text chat. One tap of the buttons on the main screen searches for a person to talk to. There is also a possibility to add this person as a friend after or during the conversation, this makes it so you can call this person directly. There is also overview pages for all the chats you have had and the friends you have added on the app.

The app has these following pages:

  • A home screen with buttons to serach for a random person to have a conversation with.
  • A text chat screen.
  • A voice chat screen.
  • A screen with an overview of all text chats.
  • A screen with all the people the user has added to their friends list and their status (online, offline or busy).

I wanted the home screen to be a gateway straight to the main functionality of the app, this is where the user will search for a random person to connect with. It was important that there where no steps to get to these two buttons. Theres always buttons available for the user to go back, for example it can cancel the search for a conversation easily, i did not want to trap the user. The whole point of the app is to have someone to talk to so you can practice the Norwegian language, so simplicity in user experience was a must. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, people with smartphones have used text chat and called someone before so i didn’t want to make anything too complicated.

Overall i am happy with my prototype, however the apps functionality is very much up to the user. This app in simple terms works as a middle man for connecting two people, one with the goal of learning Norwegian and one who already knows the language and want to meet new people from other backgrounds, get a new friend or simply help.

Video Prototype: