Testing Evaluation Report


There are two thing that needs to be tested for this idea, where at this stage one is more important than the other. The two things that will be done is a Concept testing, which is the most important one, because i need to know if this is regarded as a solution to the problem by the users. The second thing to test, while important but not as important as the concept testiong is the user experience of the prototype. This will involve testing the UX but also the functionality that is currently in the prototype.

The goal for this testing is to see if there actually is an interest in this type of solution, or if the tester thinks that this can be a solution to the problem definition in the first place.

How these will be tested:

Concept testing:
The Concept testing will be conducted with one Norwegian speaker and Two Foreign Exchange students. These participants are the people that would be using the app. Even though the topic is specific for Adult refugees any person wanting to learn Norwegian can use this app so these are good people to test the concept on.
The testing will be done by showing the participant the Video Prototype, after they have watched it i will give them some prepared questions which are meant to get an insight in their thoughts about the app.
These questions are:

For both types of testers:

  • What are your initial impression of the app?
  • Would you use it? Why \ why not?
  • Is there some functionality would you like it to have that is not currently planned to be included?

Specific for the foreign exchange students:

  • Do you think this app would help your Norwegian learning?
  • Would you want guidelines for what you are supposed to talk about, or keep it completely up to the two people in the conversation?

Specific for the Norwegian speaker:

  • Would you want to use this app to help someone learn Norwegian?


There were some interest in the solution, the foreign exhange students thought this app would be great if they did not have anyone that spoke Norwegian to talk to. The Norwegian tester however felt that there was not enough of an incentive for Norwegian speakers to use this app. He thought that the Norwegian speakers could easily just be «used» and they maybe needed more of a reward to use this app.

The users all agreed that there should be some guidelines to what you should talk about, this was commented on as they felt that giving some rules to a first encounter would maybe make the apps purpose more clear. This would also discourage people from not suing the app for its intended purpose.


One of the testers recommended that for a first encounter there should be a clear question, or something specific that the Non Norwegian speaker wants help with. They basically wanted the first encounter to have a purpose so that the app wouldnt just become another chatting service. They also clarified that when you have added eachother as friends on the app you should be aple to talk about whatever you want.

One of the testers thought that maybe after each first encounter you should get a question if you want to add the person you just talked to as a friend. This was so that there would be more of a mutual agreement to be friends between the two people.

UX testing:

The user experience (UX) will be tested on two IT students which are studying for different bachelor degrees. The test will be done with the prototype made in adobe XD, which has been uploaded uploaded to adobe cloud so that the test can be done on a smartphone instead of on a computer screen. This will make the test be more natural as the app this is the platform the app is designed for.

The tester will be asked to perform three tasks that is going to get them through the entire functionality of the prototype. I Will also instruct the tester to think out loud every action he or she is doing when trying to complete the task. When evaluating how well the tester did these tasks i considered time but most importantly where they clicked in the time used. It is important to see if the icons or the placement of these icons resonate with the user so they understand what page they will be redirected to when they click on it.

These tasks are as followed:

  1. Connect to a Text chat.
  2. Add a user as a friend.
  3. Check the friendslist and see who is online.


The testers flew throught the app with no problem, completing each task without pressing wrong once and in no time. Since there was no problem i asked them «What functionality do you think could be added?» since i believe that the small amount of pages on the app is what made them have no problem with it, which is a good thing. There where ofcourse some comments about the overall design. It was noted that the bottom and top bars where too bulky and should be slimmed down.


Fine tune the design to that the top and bottom bar is not too bulky and is more similar in size as other apps.

Add an option to see how many people are in que to talk, this was recommended as there might be times of the day where there are less users on. This is important so that a user can see if they have time to wait for someone or not.


The concept itself is desired, and is thought to be a good addition to the language learning methods of the testers. However the Norwegian speakers might have a lower amount of users than the non-Norwegian speakers. As for this an incentive should be presented. One initial idea is to advertise this app both ways, so that there is an emphasis on the ability to talk to people from different cultures for the Norwegian speaker.

As for the design and functionality, there are some functionality that should be added. For example the option to see how many people are online and searching should definetly be added. Also the notes about the design should be fixed and fine tuned so that it looks more like how a user would expect from an app on their smartphone.

As for future plans for this project the prototype should be more fleshed out and fine tuned with the functionality and the design that where recommended from the testing. Then there should be a second round of testing which includes more test subjects to find out what more people think about the whole idea. This should be done as three people is not enough opinions for justifying the start of developing an app. However its enough to not completely dismiss this as a solution for the problem definition and continue the developing.