3.1 Generating ideas

Starting the project

When starting on the IDEATE process I figured that taking a step back to the empathy phase would give me a clearer view of the problems. This took me back to the main-problem I’ve discored through the empathy-phase, which was the teachers feeling a lack of control over their pupils devices. The teachers want a better overview on what going on on their pupils screens and are they actually doing what they are suppose to?

After doing this I started brainstorming, asking myself “How can i…?”.  I created a mind-map were i wrote down my ideas.

The mind-map
After brainstorming..

After taking some time to write down the “How can I…?” questions, I began thinking of possible solutions. After getting a clearer overview I choose three solutions that I found interesting.

I ended up with the following solutions:
  • A control-panel that let’s the teachers controll the pupils iPads. Mainly turning them on and off, and open/give access to different apps.
  • An integrated iPad in the desk, remotely controlled by the teacher.
  • An AI who directs pupils to relevant apps and helps them stay focused.

I think these 3 solutions could be able to fit togheter into one idea.

THe conclusion

The teachers finds it difficult to keep control over all the pupils devices. I figured there might be a solution with some sort of control-panel were the teacher can control all the devices during class. I’m thinking turning on/off network access, launching apps on all devices or close apps? This control-panel may even include information for the pupils, and a menu which gives the teacher a form for overview over all the pupils attending class. It should be easy to navigate and have a very simple BUT clean design, which will make it as user-friendly as possible. This control-panel should clear up for teachers not make stuff even more confusing or complexed.

I think this control-panel for teachers would be interesting to follow up.