Reflections – Empathy

Our reflections of the empathy phase.

The empathy phase was an exciting start to our project. We had many thoughts and feelings, and experienced that the data we gathered “proved” us very wrong in many of our beliefs.

We started out thinking that students have very small budgets, and wondered what we could do to help them. However we were not sure if there was anything that could be done, because it was not like we could help them gaining more money.

Through our expert interview and cultural probes we found a very different result. We could clearly see that even though the students budgets are small, the students are not making smart choices, and waste money on many things such as: take-out food and shopping. We could clearly see from the data we gathered that students weren’t very conscious with regards to their budgeting and saving, and we wanted to help find a solution for this.

We could see that there was a problem present, and with every problem there is a solution. We just had to find it.